Message from the President

This is a beautiful era. With the vigorous development of China's logistics industry, GINFON Group has taken advantage of the momentum and set sail. All GINFON employees have made achievements with diligence and made brilliance with sincerity. Since the start of the business, we have always adhered to the concept that starting a business is a responsibility and a win-win situation is a promise!

Looking back on the past, GINFON has made great achievements, leaving a brilliant chapter. We always adhere to the four "focus", that is, "focus on serving customers" is GINFON continuous pursuit, customer oriented in-depth understanding and solving their pain points together with customers, providing customers with more added value; “focus on quality The provision of products is the cornerstone of GINFON continuous development, to achieve “we have which other do not have”, “better quality we have”, “better price under same quality”and“persons with superiority and inferiority”; “focusing on R&D and innovation” is the driving force for GINFON rapid development and patents technology. Transform into "core products" and "explosive products"; "Focus on employee growth" is GINFON unchanging commitment to carry out employee training, improve employee quality, provide quality services to the industry, and share the benefit of GINFON development!

Looking to the future, GINFON has further ambitions and expands a blue sky. With the transformation and upgrading of social consumption concepts and methods,people have placed higher standards and expectations on the logistics industry. GINFON Group will continue to uphold the corporate mission of “makes A smoother logistics”, always adhere to the core values of “integrity, dedication, innovation, and win-win”, and continue to practice the corporate vision of “becoming a benchmark enterprise in the logistics equipment and service industry”. While grasping the technology and product leadership of the domestic logistics equipment industry, speed up the process of international development, create value for customers with more excellent products and services,and feedback the society!


Mr. Cai Xi graduated from Wuhan University in 1983 and studied in Japan in 1988, focusing on logistics management. He has been deeply involved in the logistics industry for nearly 30 years and is a well-known senior expert in the logistics equipment industry.

After graduating in Japan, Mr. Cai Xi participated in express delivery services including DHL, UPS, FedEX, Japanese Takkyubin, SAGAWA, Shanghai Tobacco Logistics, China Postal Service, SF Express and “four-Tong and one-Da Express” , etc. in Japan, Europe and America etc. Hundreds of projects including Cainiao, China Resources and Shenzhou International. In 1997, Mr. Cai Xi, who served at Sandvik Group (SANDVIK) at the time, was responsible for participating in the introduction and construction of China Post’s first cross-belt sorting equipment system, and jointly named "CROSS BELT SORTER" with experts from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. The official Chinese professional name is "Cross Belt Sorter". In-depth cooperation assisted China Post in formulating and implementing the standard of " three forms (letter, flat mail and package), two items and one bar code”, in 1998 It was implemented in the Guangzhou Post Hub Center in 1991, laying the foundation for China Post's follow-up automation construction.