Express case

Automatic equipment configuration type: Diver Wheel Sorter System

Project time: Entry in June 2020, delivery at the end of August

Site area: 31200 m²

Weight range of goods to be sorted: 0 g-80 kg

Daily processing capacity without the machine: About 4200 tons

Average daily handling capacity: 11000 pieces, about 1200 tons, About 1700 tons in peak period

Product series: Automatic sorting system integration

(GINFON independently develops deflection wheel, two-in one equipment, and assembly lines)


Express East China Hub-Wuxi project covers an area of 31,200 square meters. In April 2020, GINFON Group was invited to build a fully automated site for it. The distribution center rented the GLP high-standard warehouse site. Due to the limitation of site space and floor height, this further tested the planning and design capabilities of GINFON Group. GINFON team conducted in-depth investigations, continuously optimized the plan, and maximized the use of existing resources. After brainstorming with Express for many times and positioning the goal to create a route that integrates express delivery services, it was finally delivered and put into use on schedule before its peak business in September, contributing to the effective circulation and transit of goods during the peak season.


The distribution center visually adopts the brand-new VI main color of Express. The entire distribution center is divided into 2 warehouse areas, and the actual operating area reaches 38,300 ㎡. Through the intelligent control of the WCS system and MIS system of the automated equipment, the package is managed and tracked, and the two transfer sites of express and express delivery are merged into one operation scene application, which realizes the flexible sorting of large and small goods, and reverses and solves the current industry The situation where large-size express goods use a dedicated site or rely on manual sorting.