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Diverter Sorting System

GF-BBF series swing arm sorter system independently developed by GINFON has been put into operation in the express industry in 2015. It is a mature product with long experience, durability and high cost performance.

Diverter Sorting is an efficient and high-precision sorting solution with extremely low operational failure rate. Compared to manual presorting, it not only reduce the error rate , but also reduce the costs of labour and the management cost. At the same time, it also avoids the uncertainty caused by human resources and make  the overall operation risks of customers controllable.

Product parameter

Technical parameters:

Low-Speed Diverter Sorting Line

The Diverter Sorting line is configured to provide the solution with moderate sorting capacity and meeting the needs of most customers at this stage.

High-Speed Diverter Sorting Line

The High-Speed Diverter Sorting line adopts the integrated structure with light weight design in reducing the weight of the diverter sorting to reduce rotational inertia of diverter sorting while increasing the speed of diverter sorting; Secondly, it adopts low friction wear-resistant belt which effectively reduces the resistance and noise level of diverter sorting; Flexible design on the basis of standard Diverter Sorting system with alignment system effectively reduce the impact and collision on goods and thus realizing fast, efficient, noiseless and stable sorting.

Diverter Sorting seriesLow-Speed Diverter Sorting LineHigh-Speed Diverter Sorting Line
Maximum sorter capacity ( piece/h )4000PPH7000PPH
Weight range of goods to be sortedMax 50kgMax 50kg
Size range of goods to be sorted ( mm )Min 150Lx150Wx30HMin 150Lx150Wx20H
Max 1000Lx800Wx800HMax 1200Lx900Wx700H

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