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Diverter Wheel Sorter System

The Deflection Wheel Sorter system has been put into operation in e-commerce and express industry on a large scale in 2015. It is a mature product that can solve the operation test of box and bag. Diverter Wheel Sorter is an efficient and high-precision sorting solution with extremely low operational failure rate.

Friction-Diver Wheel Sorter System

The friction sorter system is multi-stage continuous deflection, and the whole machine can be divided into multiple continuous deflection directions (the number of segments can be changed with the design). The package is sent to different branch lines through the set deflection wheel angle. Each device can usually set 2-3 divisions.

Product parameter

Technical parameters:

Equipment specificationRoulette typeFriction type
Maximum sorter capacity ( piece/h )6500PPH (annotate: goods 400mm×400mm)8000PPH (annotate: goods 400mm×400mm)

Operation velocity ( m/s )

Weight range of goods to be sorted



Size range of goods to be sorted ( mm )Min 200Lx200Wx20HMin 150Lx150Wx20H
Max 1200Lx1000Wx800HMax 1200Lx1000Wx800H
Sorter pathSorting on both sidesSorting on both sides
Overall size of equipment unit (mm)1200Lx1080Wx600H (subject to 5-segment)1040Lx1060Wx600H (Customizable)
Adjustable extent of height (mm)±30±30
Input modeManual and automatic inputManual and automatic input
Power supplyThree 380V 50HZ with ground connectionThree 380V 50HZ with ground connection

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