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Linear Tilt-tray Sorter

The linear flip board sorter is an automatic sorting system driven by motor, with its carriers driven by chains for motion. The goods shall be loaded on the carrier by personnel manually at the front end. When the goods reach the chute, the jacking mechanism driven by electromagnet lifts the carrier for deflection by 35 degrees, so as to send the goods to the chute required.

Product parameter

Technical parameters :

Sorter capacity ( piece/h )7000PPH
Range of velocity (m/min)45m/min
Tray pitch (mm)381
Turning diameter727.98
Weight range of goods to be sortedMin 20g ; Max 5kg
Size range of goods to be sorted ( mm )Min 100Wx200Lx2H
Max 350Wx450Lx200H
Noise range70 dB
Grid width (mm)700
Loop height (mm)1220
Package supply modeManual subcontracting
Reset modeMechanical reset

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