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Sliding Shoe Sorter System

Sliding Shoe Sorter System is a kind of system which uses progressive pushing block to realize sorting function. It can sort a wide range of goods, even if the type of goods is complex and the shape is strange, it can realize flexible sorting.

System Features

Stable sortation regardless of Goods type and goodS; Smooth sortation minimizing damage to goods; Low noise high capacity.

Product parameter

Technical parameters :

Equipment specificationSlide Shoe Sorter
Maximum sorter capacity ( piece/h )12000PPH
Operation velocity ( m/s )3.0m/s
Weight range of goods to be sortedMin 0.2kg ; Max 50kg
Size range of goods to be sorted ( mm )Min 100Lx50Wx1.0H
Max 2000Lx1000Wx800H

Product video