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Dynamic Automatic Weighing Scanning and Volume Measuring Machine

The fully automatic system integrated with dynamic weighing, volume measurement, bar code scanning and goods information handling. 

The system adopts scanning, dynamic weighing and barcode reading technology with high precision to meet the demands for high-speed conveying, high-precision weighing, volume measurement and code reading. 

It can timely and correctly obtain the data including weight, volume and bar code of goods, and upload such data to the customer data management system in real time to help the enterprises to optimize the overall process of logistics and greatly improve the efficiency and optimise the process decision-making.


Fast and correctly measure the size of goods; 

Provide the actual volume or minimum packing volume of goods; 

Fast identify the bar code information; 

Eliminate the trouble of manual input of data; guarantee the completeness of data; 

Integrated with electronic scale, capable of providing weight information at the same time;

It can be applied on the assembly line;

Product parameter

Technical parameters :

Equipment specificationDWS
Size (mm)L4200×W1060×H750
Tolerance of volume measurement (mm)Size measurement ±5
Maximum weight60kg
Weighting error±50g
Division value2 (1-3 optional)
Maximum size of goods that can be handled (mm)Max L1200xW1000xH800
Minimum size of goods that can be handled (mm)Min L150xW150xH30
Handling capacity (maximum)2300~3000 pieces/h
Measuring time1.2~1.5s/piece
structureFist interval automatic infeed  1200×1060mm belt width 1000mm
Second interval dynamic weighing 1800×1060mm belt width 1000mm
Third interval accelerated separation  1200×1060mm belt width 1000mm

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