Case three

Automatic equipment configuration type: Swing arm matrix + cross belt (two-zone double-layer)

Project location: Shanghai Huaxin

Project delivery time: October 2017

Total length of cross belt: 888 m

Number of chute: 1792 pcs

Number of diverter: 308 pcs

Operating speed: 18 m/s


GINFON Group has carefully designed and newly built a complete set of automated swing arm sorting system and double-layer cross-belt sorting system equipment in the Shanghai distribution area of the case three headquarters-Shanghai Huaxin Distribution Center. The construction of the system lasted 3 months. After GINFON's multi-departmental linkage and the full cooperation of employees, it has been successfully put into operation. It has completely solved the problem of labor difficulty, small space, and quality control under the premise of increasing business volume. Problems such as low efficiency and inefficiency declared a successful operation, creating a miracle of high-standard design, high-quality construction, and high-efficiency operation.


Case 3 Shanghai Huaxin Distribution Center is responsible for local cargo transfer in Shanghai and subdivision of goods arrival and dispatch in the city. The express throughput is large. Therefore, Case 3 invested a lot of costs to establish two sets of double-layer cross belt sorting systems in the north and south of the distribution center in the logistics park. There are 26 spaces for unloading large cargo and 222 spaces for loading cargo in the city.

In order to meet the special period and the handling of large-volume cargo on Double 11, GINFON once again innovated the design to combine the functions of weighing, scanning and volume measurement at the unloading end. The large automatic swing arm system directly divides the cargo into 11 directions, of which 2 are supplied separately Corresponding small-piece cross-belt system (Shanghai city-wide arrival small pieces are subdivided, and large packages can be built for small pieces sent out). For the processing of small and flat parcels, GINFON also adopts the efficient, flexible and intelligent double-layer cross-belt sorting system independently developed and patented by GINFON according to the actual situation and area of the distribution center. The sorting trolley loop line of the system is designed with two upper and lower layers. This design not only fully saves the space of the site, but also doubles the express handling capacity of a single layer. The manual emergency small parts handling equipment is designed in the cross belt loop to meet special requirements. Handling of large-volume cargo during the period and 11.11.

GINFON double-layer cross belt adopts standardized production, which makes resource utilization reasonable, production technology is simplified, interchangeable combination can be realized, and conditions are created for adjusting product structure and industrial structure.